Coal Harbour Brewing Company‘s beer lineup


Type: Lager

311 Helles Lager

A genuine lager brewed in the Helles style. This straw coloured lager is made in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, brewed with 100% malted barley and the finest German hops and a yeast strain direct from Munich. Crisp and refreshing on the palate, this sessionable lager should be enjoyed on any occasion.

Original Gravity : 12.2°P
SRM : 1.5
Alcohol by Volume : 5.0%
IBUs : 19

2014 Canadian Brewing Awards
Gold Medal Winner
North American Style Premium Lager

2013 BC Beer Awards
Third Place
Session Lager


India Pale Ale (IPA)

Powell IPA

Big malt and bold hops mingle to create a unique balance in our British style IPA. The flavor is a burst of grapefruit with a smooth bitterness, complemented by caramel, slight licorice, and toast with honey.
Original Gravity : 16°P
SRM : 13
Alcohol by Volume : 6.5%
IBUs : 66

2012 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal
North American Style Premium Lager


Type: Rauchbier

Smoke & Mirrors Imperial Smoked Ale

This strong yet smooth ale features a combination of German Rauch (smoked) and Scottish Peated malts along with chocolate and crystal malts. The result is a pronounced and intriguing smokiness with a thick malty flavour.

Original Gravity : 20°P
SRM : 50
Alcohol by Volume : 8.5%
IBUs : 33

2012 BC Beer Awards First Place
Specialty Beer

2013 BC Beer Awards Third Place
Special Beer


Type: Porter

Blackwing Baltic Porter

Inspired by the thousands of Still Creek Crows that fly over our brewery to their nightly roost, this Eastern European style beer is as dark as their wings. With balanced notes of dark chocolate, caramel and dried fruit, this complex beer is sweet, yet crisp and quaffable thanks to a cold lager fermentation.

Original Gravity : 15.5°P
SRM : 25
Alcohol by Volume : 7.5%
IBUs : 30



Type: Witbier

Woodland Witbier

A West Coast take on a Belgian classic. Orange zest and spices provide a citrusy tropical taste playing on top of a crisp light base of wheat and pilsener malt. Magnum, Cascade and Meridian hops add a pleasing punch to the aroma and flavour.
Original Gravity : 12.5°P
SRM : 13
Alcohol by Volume : 5.25%
IBUs : 21



Type: Fruit Beer, Sour Ale

The Tiki Bar Dryhopped Pineapple Sour Ale

This kettle sour was dry hopped and blended with pineapple juice to give a big, fruit explosion of flavour. From the 650ml bottle this beer pours a hazy amber colour with one finger of head that settles leaving no trace behind on the glass. Smelling the beer it is sharp with acidity and a hoppy, tropical fruit tone. The pineapple comes through along side a lemon, passion fruit and guava like aroma. Tasting the beer it is sour up front but that mellows early on. The initial hit of acidity is followed by a mellow sweetness and pineapple flavour that cuts through nicely. For putting a “Butt Load”” of pineapple into this beer the fruit flavour isn’t way over the top but does add a nice, fruit forward kick to a pleasant sour ale.

Alcohol – 6.2%
Size – 650ml



Type: IPA

Market Saturation IPA

Coal Harbour Brewing upgraded their canning line to accommodate tall cans and joined the East Coast IPA craze with their new Market Saturation IPA.  The beer pours from the 473mL can a cloudy yellow colour with two fingers of white head that leave some lacing behind in the glass.  The aroma is of mandarin orange, passion fruit, tropical fruits and wheat.  In the mouth the beer presents flavours of grapefruit and tangerine, along with tropical fruit, pineapple, oats and a slight bitter bite at the end.  This medium to full-bodied IPA drinks very easily with the fruity character leading to a dry, mild bitter finish.

Alcohol – 7.2%
Size – 473mL



Type: India Pale Ale, Rye Ale

Triumph Series Dry Hopped Rye PA

First in the Triumph Series is a Dry Hopped Rye PA. This beer is cloudy and amber in colour and a very thin finger of head settles quickly atop the glass. The aroma is spicy with rye notes along side caramel, orange peel and pine character. Tasting the beer it has very low carbonation and a spicy-hop character. The orange peel notes come through with a piney, resinous character and lead into a pine-bitter finish. With the low carbonation, sweetness emerges more than it would otherwise balancing out the bitterness. The mouthfeel may be a bit lacking but the dry hopping gives this beer a big hit of northwest hop flavour along side a rye spice.

Alcohol – 6%
Size – 650ml